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Creates jobs, growth, and faith in the future

Tillväxt Stockholm is a non-profit foundation started by a group of investors working for more jobs and increased integration in Stockholm. We want to create jobs and offer free business advice and recruitment support to entrepreneurs to support them and grow.


"The growing alienation in the big cities is one of Sweden's biggest future challenges. The solution is jobs - a burgeoning business community is the best integration engine a city/municipality could wish for."

Michael Treschow, Co-Founder Tillväxt Stockholm

We who work at Tillväxt Stockholm are passionate about our work and our desire to contribute to social change permeates the entire operation. 

''Integration in Sweden requires many partial solutions, each person can contribute according to their own ability. The growth initiative opens up for you who want to get involved and contribute with your skills and knowledge.''

Kevin Ryan - Co-Founder and CEO Tillväxt Stockholm

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