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Nu kanske du funderar hur vi går runt om vi erbjuder gratis rådgivning i olika kommuner? Verksamheten bygger på samverkan och finansieras av både kommuner och privat näringsliv där Tillväxtinitiativets investerare har en viktig roll. Investerarna har finansierat stiftelsens arbete för att utveckla och sprida 'Tillväxt-modellen' till fler kommuner. Kommunerna själva investerar genom att betala löner till de operativa teamen lokalt. Utöver det har investerarna åtagit sig att gemensamt investera 30 msek i tillväxtbolag som utvecklas med hjälp av initiativet samt bidra med sina kompetenser och kontakter genom att erbjuda rådgivning och öppna upp sina nätverk för tillväxt-klienter.


Alexander af Jochnick

Ordf. Oriflame

Alexander af Jochnick is chairman of the board of Tillväxt Stockholm and board member of Tillväxt Botkyrka. He is also chairman of the board of the cosmetics group Oriflame. Oriflame was founded in 1967 by Robert af Jochnick and Jonas af Jochnick. Today, they have sales in over 60 countries with an annual turnover of approx. 1.4 billion euros. Alexander is also a board member of the Postcode Association.

Anna L2_edited.jpg

Anna Ljungbergh

Investor, board professional, and coach

Anna has held leading positions within tech startups, e.g. Bredbandbolaget, Framfab and Netscape in Silicon Valley. By combining her experience in marketing and business development with knowledge in leadership, organizations, team dynamics and coaching, she has for more than ten years coached and advised hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs and teams to explore and reach their next level. She also collaborates with STING, the leading technological incubator/accelerator in the Nordics, as an investor, board member, and advisor.


Anna Omstedt

Founder of Tasteline & MedUniverse

Anna Omstedt is one of the classic internet veterans from the first wave of the web. She co-founded her first company, Tasteline, in 1999 when she was still attending the School of Economics. A company she built up to profitability, despite the rather tough years after the dotcom crash in the early 2000s. Since 2009, Anna runs MedUniverse. Today, MedUniverse is an interactive, patient case tool that is primarily used by the pharmaceutical industry to train healthcare personnel about new drugs and treatment areas.


Carin Wahlén

Founder Volati & Wahlén & Partner

Carin Wahlén is co-founder of Wahlén & Partner, which focuses on law, sustainability, and compliance. She is a lawyer by background and has a background as Head of CSR at ICA handlarnas förbund, corporate lawyer at Hakon Invest, and assistant lawyer at Mannheimer and Swartling.


Dan R Castillo

Founder Online Pizza

Onlinepizza was founded by Dan together with two other engineering and economics students in Linköping. "In our tired moments, we thought about why you couldn't order home pizzas online. We started more as a hobby in 2005 with the idea of ​​simplifying the seemingly simple but at the same time very complicated procedure of ordering food from a nearby pizzeria or restaurant and having it delivered to your home". Dan is today a Stockholm-based angel and real estate investor, with a focus on investments in the technology and gaming industry.


Dani Evanoff

Founder The Candy King

Dani Evanoff came to Sweden as a refugee from Lebanon when he was only one year old. As a young man he was condemned as a hopeless case, dependent on benefits already as a 17-year-old. A job at Fryshuset where he had to take on more and more responsibility made Dani start to see himself as an entrepreneur. His first business idea was cotton candy in a jar. In 2005, he founded Candy Prince, which challenged the Caramel King as a loose candy supplier in Sweden. The Candy Prince was later bought out by the Caramel King and Dani became CEO. Today he is an active investor, mainly in the food industry.


Dimitris Gioulekas

CEO Knightec AB

Dimitris Gioulekas is co-founder and CEO of Knightec, a consulting company with a focus on agile development, quality assurance, project management, product development, production, and construction projects. Today, the company has more than 500 employees. Dimitris was awarded the award "CEO of the Year" in 2014 and 2018.


Emad Zand

former CEO of Avesina hearing

Emad Zand is the former owner and CEO of the medtech company Avesina hörsel. He sold that company in 2015. Now, in addition to being an active investor, Emad is CGO for the company Northvolt AB and with it responsible for the construction of a battery factory in Västerås. Northvolt was started in 2016 by Peter Carlsson and Paolo Cerruti who both come from Tesla.

Hidayet Tercan2.jpeg

Hidayet Tercan

Founder of Transfer and Zemrete

Hidayet works as an entrepreneur and has a background as a business developer at Åhlens. She has founded both the entrepreneurial network Transfer, where she was also general secretary, and the staffing company Zemrete AB. In 2003, the newspaper Ny Teknik included her on its list of Sweden's 50 most important IT people.


Jenny Stenqvist

CEO Nacka Catering, etc

Successful restaurateur with five companies in catering, parties, and events.


Jeremias Andersson

Founder Academic Work

Jeremias Andersson is one of the three students who founded Academic Work in 1998. They saw the business world's need for personnel as an excellent opportunity to rent out study buddies. A boiler room at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm had to serve as the first office. Today, Academic Work has 17 offices in Sweden and is also present in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. In 2017, they had a turnover of SEK 2.2 billion in Sweden and approx. SEK 3 billion in the group.


Patrik Wahlén

Founder Volati & Wahlén & Partner

Patrik Wahlén has an economics degree from Lund University and is co-founder of Volati and Wahlén & Partner. He has previously worked at Kemira and Ernst & Young Management Consulting AB.


Sebastian af Jochnick

Founder Retail Knowledge

Sebastian af Jochnick is co-founder of Retail Knowledge. Retail Knowledge is a staffing and recruitment company focused on the retail trade.


Tomas Therén

former Procuritas

Tomas Theren became Managing Partner of Procuritas in 2002. He is also a board member of DSI, Global Scanning, and SEM. Tomas has a background from Bain & Co, Ericsson and Ventshare. Tomas also has a background in Endurance racing.


Kristoffer Jeansson

Founder of Russian Post

Kristoffer Jeansson is the founder of the Russian Post and a serial entrepreneur.

kristaps backup.jpeg

Kristaps Prusis

CEO and founder VNTRS

Kristaps works as an entrepreneur in 'tech start up' with a background from various roles in management consulting, finance, FMCG and the pharmaceutical industry. He is co-founder and CEO of VNTRS, a Nordic-Baltic venture studio that invests in and helps early-stage technology companies build their product and business.


Lotta Bourgoin

Vice Head of Sweden Corporate Market Nordea

Lotta has over 15 years of experience in banking and finance, both from the capital market, savings and investments, as well as financing, both from Sweden and internationally. Lotta is passionate about entrepreneurship and driving society towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Maria Mattson (1).jpeg

Maria Mattsson Mähl

Founder Alpha CE

Maria is the founder of the coaching and training company Alpha CE, where she was also CEO until spring 2019. She is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with extensive experience working in the welfare sector with training and helping the unemployed find work. Maria has a passion for entrepreneurship and strongly believes that entrepreneurs have the solution to today's and tomorrow's problems.


Michael Treschow

Previous chairman of the board at Unilever, Ericsson, etc

Michael Treschow is chairman of Tillväxt Botkyrka's board and board member of Tillväxt Stockholm. He is also chairman of the board of the Institute for Business Research and of the association Swedes in the World. Michael Treschow has a background as President and CEO of Atlas Copco, President and CEO of Electrolux, and Chairman of the Board of Electrolux, Ericsson and Unilever. He has also been chairman of the Swedish Business Association.

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