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Tillväxt Botkyrka was initiated by Tillväxt Stockholm, on behalf of Botkyrka municipality, with the aim of contributing to increased inclusion in a business-driven way. The goal is to, by offering business development, recruitment support, and networking to companies with 5-50 employees in Botkyrka, contribute to the creation of 1000 jobs in the first 5 years. Tillväxt Botkyrka is a non-profit collaborative initiative between business and the municipality. The board includes representatives from all parties, and also the employment agency. The business is business-driven, non-political and religiously unbound.

Tillväxt Botkyrka's website can be found here!

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Tillväxt Botkyrka was established in May 2018 and has since been able to offer local entrepreneurs free access to knowledge, tools and contacts that make it easier for companies to grow and hire more people. The company's staff offers business development and recruitment support. Pro-bono partners contribute with expert advice in a number of different areas. In addition, it is possible to apply for capital via Tillväxt Botkyrka's network of investors.

"As a recruitment consultant, I get the chance to be part of something bigger and contribute locally in Botkyrka.

I get to take a lot of responsibility, also in business development, and am constantly developing in my role. No two projects are the same!''

Hampus Löwstedt - recruitment consultant Botkyrka

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Botkyrka municipality was the first municipality where the initiative was launched, where the activity "Tillväxt (Growth) Botkyrka" started in the spring of 2018. In March 2020, the activity was up to almost 300 created jobs, which was above the expected forecast.


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Hampus Löwstedt

Business developer and recruitment consultant

Hampus is a personnel scientist from Stockholm University. Throughout his studies, Hampus worked in parallel as a recruiter/researcher for HCM Partner AB. In addition to studies and work, Hampus also co-founded Stockholm University's human resources association (STHLMUP). Hampus was born and raised in Söderort, Stockholm.

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Erik Dreborg

Business developer and recruitment consultant

Erik has extensive experience in running companies and has been CEO of a recruitment company for the past 12 years. Thinking creatively is one of the abilities that has helped Erik over the years as an entrepreneur. Erik was born and raised in Stockholm.

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Max Lauritzen

Business developer and recruitment consultant

Max has previously run his own company in the media industry for 7 years, where he helped companies and organizations communicate using film. After that, he studied entrepreneurial leadership at Kaospiloterna, a school recognized by, among others, Harvard Business Review. Max was born and raised in Stockholm.

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Saide Hanna


Saide is responsible for building a network of job seekers in Botkyrka, in order to quickly meet the recruitment needs of local companies. Saide was born and raised in Syria. She is a primary school teacher and, in addition, has an education in finance, salaries, and administration. Since she came to Sweden, she has worked in healthcare, as a healthcare assistant, as an accountant at an accounting firm, and also for a time as a teacher.

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Bengt Waldemarson

Business developer

Bengt has the role of senior business developer in Tillväxt Botkyrka and works together with the entrepreneurs in Botkyrka on their growth journey. He also runs the consulting company Relationera AB and has been an entrepreneur and business owner for the past 15 years with a focus on creating growth for companies and organizations. He has held roles as CEO, sales manager, marketing manager, brand manager and project manager for the past 25 years. Bengt was born and raised in Granö in Västerbotten but has lived in Stockholm for over 30 years.


Magnus Berg

Business developer

Magnus has 20 years of experience from the communications industry, of which 10 years as CEO. He has spent the last seven years reducing the employment gap in the labor market through wider recruitment, more effective inclusion, and training.

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Kevin Ryan


Kevin is one of the founders of the foundation Tillväxt Stockholm and is responsible for the establishment of Tillväxt Botkyrka. He graduated in economics with a background from Unilever, Fryshuset, and 10 years as an entrepreneur and founder of THREAD AB with a focus on management consulting and value-driven leadership. Kevin was born in the USA and raised in Canada.

Tillväxtinitiativet drivs i samarbete med kompetenspartner THREAD

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