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Tillväxt Väsby was initiated by Tillväxt Stockholm and launched by Uppland's Väsby municipality in collaboration with Väsby Promotion in the spring of 2021 with the aim of contributing to increased inclusion in a business-driven way. The goal is to, by offering business development, recruitment support, and networking to companies with 5-50 employees in Upplands Väsby, create 375 new jobs over three years. Tillväxt Väsby is an independent non-profit collaborative initiative between businesses and the municipality. Tillväxt Väsby's website can be found here!

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Upplands Väsby has many small and medium-sized companies whose biggest obstacle for growth is the difficulty of running the business and developing at the same time. It is a challenge to find time to implement development plans and find the right skills. With, among other things, business advice, recruitment support and access to networks, companies must dare to take greater risks and try new strategies in order to grow in a sustainable way.

"As a business developer at Tillväxt Väsby, I get the chance to be part of something bigger and contribute locally in Upplands Väsby.

I am constantly challenged and our team often receives very positive feedback. My own reflection is that I am extremely grateful, because as much as we get to help develop people and companies, we ourselves develop at least as much with them."

Joakim Forsgren - business developer Tillväxt Väsby

Interview with Kevin Ryan (CEO) and Mats Levin (Team Leader) ahead of the start-up of Tillväxt Väsby in spring 2021. They describe the purpose of the business and how it works. They also discuss how collaboration between people is an important basis for successful growth within their company. Tillväxt Väsby acts in collaboration with Väsby Promotion and it is the operations manager there, Camilla König Ekegren, who interviews.


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Elias Åkerblom


Elias has a background in film and thus has great technical knowledge and interest. During his time as a camera technician, the focus has been on finding needs-adapted solutions for the customer. Elias is also a trained chef with experience from the restaurant industry as well as a trained personnel scientist with a specialization in psychology. Elias is driven by building long-term customer relationships and finding individually tailored solutions.

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Mats Erlandsson


Mats has more than 35 years of experience in a leading position in various roles and industries. The focus has been on sales and organizational development/recruitment. Identifying and developing competencies in employees has been and is an important part of the roles that Mats has worked in. Being able to be part of the development of both businesses and individuals in a business-like way is what he is passionate about.

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Joakim Forsgren

Business developer

Joakim has over 30 years of experience in leading and operational positions in business and has during his career focused a lot on business development and sales. He is trained in finance, marketing, leadership, business management, and project management. He is also a certified ICF coach. With his broad knowledge base, he today helps entrepreneurs in Väsby on their growth journey. Joakim was born and raised in Uppsala.

Mats has a background as an elite athlete both as a professional abroad and in the national basketball team. After his sports career, he works with personal and team leadership development in business at THREAD AB. The common denominator is a passion for development. In Tillväxt Väsby, Mats has an overall role of leading the team's work. Mats grew up in Nacka and today lives in Sollentuna.

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Jon Carlbring

Business developer

Jon is driven by creating together with others, driving change and achieving impact - always with the individual and the people in the business in focus. He studied Leadership, Communication and Human Factors at Umeå, Lund and Gothenburg Universities. Jon has a background in international group companies, authorities, start-ups, and as an entrepreneur.

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Kevin is one of the founders of the foundation Tillväxt Stockholm and is responsible for the establishment of Tillväxt Botkyrka and Tillväxt Väsby. A graduate in economics with a background from Unilever, Fryshuset, and 13 years as an entrepreneur and founder of THREAD AB with a focus on management consulting and value-driven leadership. Kevin was born in the USA and raised in Canada.

Kevin Ryan


Team Leader

Mats Levin

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Tillväxtinitiativet drivs i samarbete med kompetenspartner THREAD

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