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How Tillväxt Stockholm
came to be...

Tillväxt Stockholm is a non-profit foundation created by a group of investors who work to establish the successful business and cooperation model in the entire Stockholm area. The chairman of the foundation is Aleksander af Jochnick. Other co-founders are Michael Treschow, Jeremias Andersson, Sebastian af Jochnick, Kristoffer Jeansson, Patrik Wahlén, and Kevin Ryan (see all investors here ). A number of municipalities have shown interest in the Tillväxt growth model. First was Botkyrka municipality, where the activity "Tillväxt Botkyrka" was launched in the spring of 2018. Most recently, "Tillväxt Väsby" was launched in the spring of 2021.

The Business

We contribute to increased integration and more job opportunities by supporting local entrepreneurs on their growth journey! Together with them, we formulate a strategic and long-term plan for future growth. The entrepreneur is then offered the tools needed free of charge, which can mean advice, recruitment support or a contact that opens doors.

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We who work at Tillväxt Stockholm are passionate about our work and our desire to contribute to social change permeates the entire operation. 

''Integration in Sweden requires many partial solutions, each person can contribute according to their own ability. The growth initiative opens up for you who want to get involved and contribute with your skills and knowledge.''

Kevin Ryan - Co-Founder and CEO Tillväxt Stockholm

"One of the most important aspects for Sweden's future is job creation. Through Tillväxt Stockholm, I can support and contribute with my experiences in entrepreneurship and company building."

Jeremias Andersson - Founder of Academic work and investor in Tillväxt Stockholm


"I have been working with social issues for the past 15 years. Reducing exclusion through jobs and growth is a strong driving force for me.

Michael Treschow - Business profile, formerly CEO of Atlas Copco and Chairman of the Board of Ericsson as well as co-founder and investor in Tillväxt Stockholm

The Model for Tillväxt

In 2011, entrepreneur Dan Olofsson and municipal politician Luciano Astudillo started Uppstart Malmö, where the municipality, employment agency and business come together to help small businesses grow and thus create more local jobs. A local operation was started to help entrepreneurs grow (business development) and at the same time open more doors to the labor market (recruitment). In 2013, entrepreneur Jenny Lindén Urnes took the model to Helsingborg and started Tillväxt Helsingborg together with Helsingborg City. Together, the two operations contribute to approximately 400 new jobs per year.

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Tillväxtinitiativet drivs i samarbete med kompetenspartner THREAD

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